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Where to visit Sicily if have only a limited budget?

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If you are traveling to Italy with a limited budget, there is a tough choice that looms for you as you have to choose between Sicily and Sardinia. Both of them have beaches, scrumptious food, ancient ruins, and a lot of shopping options, so which do you travel to?

Baroque Architecture

Sicily has a unique story that goes all the way back to the 1600s. In the early 1600s, the southern corner of Sicily suffered an earthquake of mammoth proportions and it left very few buildings standing. All the survivors worked on resurrecting the city and created eight towns that are now a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Collectively they are called as Val de Noto and they are definitely worth a visit.

Have their own Islands

Sicily also has its own islands offering secluded exclusivity and unique landscapes. Panarea’s nightlife is legendary while the fine dining of Salina is an unforgettable experience. The islands in Sicily will be the perfect getaway from the traveling and shopping that you must be doing in Italy.
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