There aren’t any real rules of street style in the fashion world but over the past couple of years, there has been a common belief that wearing black or accessorizing in black will not get you noticed to the outside world, especially for high profile celebs.

Is black trending again in the  fashion world?

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photographer’s attention

The competition for photographer’s attention span has always been fierce and it is believed that you will need color to get noticed. Prints, glitter, shimmer, sparkles, or other types of outfits were preferred by most of them. However, that isn’t the case anymore. The scene has drastically changed this season.

celebrities in black head-to-toe,

In the past few months, celebrities have been flocking in wearing black head-to-toe, and they’re looking as beautiful and as trendy as they have ever looked. Their accessorizing is on point and black has helped them look uniquely interesting in a good way.
Leather harnesses, tulle frocks, asymmetrical LBDs, and even furry accessories have been trending, as they looked incredibly eye-catching in stark black.
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