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  “ I understand the importance of healthy eating habits and healthy food. And I do read about it because I want to know. But in one article for example they say that it would be wasteful throwing away egg yellows as they are rich in minerals, and then in other that they should be thrown away as they contain much cholesterol. Do not know what to trust and will not read any more of those articles.”

One article saying that egg yellows are harmful because of cholesterol is probably about sport nutrition, professional athletes and bodybuilders, who often eat 20 or more eggs a day, every day. With those amounts, yes, egg yellows could be too much cholesterol and thrown away.

  The other article is likely general nutrition, addressing readers who are more likely to eat 2 – 3 eggs a day, and they too are right, in that egg yellows are rich in minerals and should not be wasted. 

  You will find nothing misleading or confusing in our recommendations here. Only the safest, very best healthy foods that you absolutely need, and naturally at best prices.  


You have decided it is time to work on your figure? Or perhaps you are regularly exercising and getting results? Probably your training is not harder on you than you day at the office. You should consider finding the right supplements for your diet.

Not all supplements are “chemistry” or bad chemicals. And not always is it possible to eat 15 different foods every single days to get all the nutrients in the amount your body needs. However, some supplements can potentially be dangerous if not chosen and taken with due care, and can be abused of.

Need that extra energy? Feeling constantly tired? Physical effort, stress or mental duress are part of every day. Best deals, up to 70% off, unique offers……. here.

Cosmetics should heal and purify skin and hair, not damage it. Avoid paraben and micro plastics! Different types of hair and skin need cosmetics that are intended for such type. Choose natural and safe. Select according to your specific needs.

Make up should complement your outfit and always be selected to fit the occasion. Having too much, or having a makeup that is inappropriate for the occasion can be truly distasteful.

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Summer Trends for Women


Summer Trends

Things are heating up, and your style should too. Just because the sun is out, doesn’t mean we should give up our high fashion taste. It simply means you have to be smarter with your layers and accessories. Need some inspiration? Check our
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The Belt Bag

This isn’t the only place where a vintage classic is making a reappearance. The belt bag has come up in more than one line, and it’s here with a new edge. These aren’t your mom’s bum bags, but they are the perfect summer addition to any outfit. Check out these site favs:

 –Versace Barocco Belt Bag

-Louis V Bumbag Monogram

A light pattern

From Kimono styled dresses, to silk animal printed skirts-light patterns are the name of summer this year. It’s a look that’s both chic yet not trying too hard, comfortable yet mature. Summer’s not over yet, and you can still cop some beautiful pieces.  We suggest…

-Gucci Kimono Style Dress

the golden rule

Gold accessories have become the standard this summer, complimenting both your day and evening looks. Bold neck pieces and earrings are essential to completing your sunny looks.

A must…

-Hermes Gold Chain


From Kimono styled dresses, to silk animal printed skirts-light patterns are the name of summer this year. It’s a look that’s both chic yet not trying too hard, comfortable yet mature. Summer’s not over yet, and you can still cop some beautiful pieces. We suggest…

-Gucci Kimono Style Dress

Your travel workout plan

Your travel

Workout plan


Staying fit for travel goes beyond remembering your trainers. Plan your workouts in advance so you can get the most out of them. My favorite is to bring tension bands wherever I go. You can workout almost every part of your body with bands, and from anywhere. If you’re a yogi remember your mat. Want to spend time biking around your destination? Don’t forget your helmet. Planning for travel fitness is key.


On the coast? Head for the beach. In the mountains? Seek out trails through the wooded beauty. Just because you want to stay fit while traveling, doesn’t mean it should keep you from seeing your destination. Take time to inventory the workout possibilities of your travel that will allow you to see the most of your new city! Even if it means heading to the rooftop for some yoga-that’s not so bad.


The number one thing that will frustrate your trip is if you begin to focus more on not having a gym, and less on your experience. Make your goal joy, find moments to rejuvenate your spirit and your body, and be flexible in doing so. With a little prep and creativity, you’ll come home feeling healthy in more ways than one.

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Need some help getting started? Find a sample week-long workout plan for your weeks on-the-go.


End your day of travel with some stretching or yoga before bed.

If you’re feeling stir crazy from the flight, strap on your sneakers and go for an hour walk around your new city to get your bearings and loosen up.


Begin with an 8-10 HIIT training circuit.
Strap on your bands for a lower body workout. We suggest 4-6 exercises, 3 sets each.
End with your three favorite ab moves.


By now you should know the best place for sunrise, so let’s kick off this day right.
Sunrise yoga it is!
Choose a session that focuses on strength and fat-burning, 1 hr.


Back on the bands today.
Warm up with either a jog or HIIT circuit.
Do a banded arm workout. We suggest 4-6 exercised, 3 sets each.
End with your three favorite ab moves.


Depending on your location and temperature, plan for either sunrise or sunset yoga.
Choose a session that focusses on mindfulness and refelction.
Take time to reflect on your travels this week.

Why winters is the perfect time to visit Rome?

Italian Winter

Why winters is the perfect time to visit Rome?

Traveling to Italy is a once in a lifetime experience

Traveling to Italy is a once in a lifetime experience, especially if you are visiting with your family. Rome, in particular, is one of the places you have to travel to get one of the best experiences of your life. Have you ever wondered which is the best time to visit Rome?
Traveling to Rome in winters is probably one of the best-kept secrets as everything becomes much better when you come here during winters. Here are some of the reasons why winters are the best time to visit Rome:

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No crowds! No waiting!

During winters there is far less crowd which means you won’t have to spend any time waiting in line or waiting for your turn. You will never have to get involved with crowds as the places will feel much more open.

Hotels and flights are cheap

During winters, traveling to Rome becomes very cheap. Not just that, you can also enjoy lavish hotels at discounted prices.

Amazing weather for sight-seeing

Is there a better sight than sight-seeing with a cold breeze blowing around you? There is something quite magical about winters that only adds to the experience.

A great time for shopping

Who visits Rome and leaves without shopping? Rome is known for its fashion and architecture. You can buy amazing outfits and souvenirs and head back with a lot of memories. And the best thing would be that all these will be at discounted prices.

Glocal is another option that adds to your Italian traveling experiences. We have a wide range of high-end Italian fashion, designer jewelry, accessories, and everything else related to Italy. Find carefully selected luxury hotels in the best locations in Rome, Milan or Florence or Venice. Enjoy vast choice of the very best seaside resorts at unbelievable prices.

Why Italy is an underrated Jewelry destination?


Why Italy is an underrated Jewelry destination

 The primary attractions of Italy are many. Amongst its architecture, fashion, food, the Vatican city, and the people, sometimes some of its splendid artifacts can be overlooked.

  Italian excellence in producing hand made fashion statement pieces is known world wide and enjoys a well deserved reputation. With the emergence of advanced technologies and brands that rely on them, jewelry coming from Italian master craftsman should not be neglected. Proving their ability to skillfully combine bold designs, latest techniques with their rich artisan tradition, Italian jewelry shines as bright as ever.

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The Italians create gorgeous pieces and their style makes them unmistakably recognizable.
If you plan on heading to Italy during the festive season, you shouldn’t miss the amazing customized high-end designer jewelry. You will get everything from trinkets for loved ones to souvenirs to remember the trip.
If you are an admirer of Italy and anything related to Italy, don’t forget to check out our website We provide best tips and advice to access massive collection of Italian fashion, customized accessories, high-end jewelry, and more from most established designers and stores but also some less know yet perfectly reliable vendors. Find Your hidden gem!

Where to visit Sicily if they have a limited budget?

visit Sicily

Where to visit Sicily if have only a limited budget?

If you are traveling to Italy with a limited budget, there is a tough choice that looms for you as you have to choose between Sicily and Sardinia. Both of them have beaches, scrumptious food, ancient ruins, and a lot of shopping options, so which do you travel to?

Baroque Architecture

Sicily has a unique story that goes all the way back to the 1600s. In the early 1600s, the southern corner of Sicily suffered an earthquake of mammoth proportions and it left very few buildings standing. All the survivors worked on resurrecting the city and created eight towns that are now a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Collectively they are called as Val de Noto and they are definitely worth a visit.

Have their own Islands

Sicily also has its own islands offering secluded exclusivity and unique landscapes. Panarea’s nightlife is legendary while the fine dining of Salina is an unforgettable experience. The islands in Sicily will be the perfect getaway from the traveling and shopping that you must be doing in Italy.
You can add to your incredible Italian experiences by heading over to Glocal. We have an amazing collection of products related to Italy.

Best time to visit Italy

Best time

Which is the best time to visit Italy?

Italy is one of the dream destinations for thousands and many have chalked it down as the place-to-visit in their bucket lists. So which is the best time to visit Italy?
The best time for visiting Italy is either during the Spring (April to June) or during fall (September to October) when the weather is pleasant, the temperature is moderate, fewer tourists, and far lower prices. The months of summer can be grueling, hot, crowded and up to some extent expensive. On the other hand, the winter months in Italy can be enjoyed on Alps, in one of the many ski resorts and mountain retreats You can book at best prices here.

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Is there a ‘best time for shopping’ in Italy?

While throughout the year you can get the best the fashion world has to offer, but the time during the winter and summer sales is the best time for shopping according to the tourists.
The winter sales, in particular, bring in a lot of tourists who love to get their hands on the latest Italian high-end fashion outfits. The winter sales start around the first week of January, right after the New Year’s Day and last until the inventory is empty. Summer sales, on the other hand, begins in July and lasts until August.
During the earlier phase of the sale, the discounts are usually between 30 and 50% while towards the end, they can go as high as 70% or more.
We are Glocal and with us, you will always get the best of Italian fashion at extremely low prices. We have an excellent collection of Italian outfits, accessories, customized jewelry, and more. You can visit our official website and choose the products that you like and enjoy the best Italy has to offer.

Office Must haves

Office Must haves

Must-have essentials to become an office personality everyone looks up to

Each workplace is diverse. No, not the racial or gender or cultural-diverse, but personality wise. Every company has a different way functioning, making the office experiences unique in its own way.
There are different types of people who work with you. You will always have a mix of sports fanatics, fashion trendsetters, office gossipers, etc.
Every office will have someone who will want to be the ‘it’ person. Someone who is the coolest of the lot and no problem seems to phase them.
Whether you are your own boss or if you are working under someone, you will always have a lot on your hands. To be someone who can tackle everyday office problems, you can own some essentials.
Here are some office must-haves that will help you be that person. These essentials will help make your office life as convenient as possible.

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  • Formal Shirts
  • Casual Shirts and chinos
  • Finest wool and cashmere sweaters and cardigans
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Satin blouses
  • Italian modern fit suits

If you are new to office life, then this is the best chance to make an amazing first impression and be someone everyone looks up to. We are Glocal and we can help you become just that. We have an amazing collection of office outfits and accessories that will revolutionize your office lifestyle.

The leading trendsetter in the world of high-end fashion


The leading trendsetter in the world of high-end fashion

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If you have to describe Italy in short, then the terms that could relate the most to Italy would be delicious cuisines, stunning architecture, and high-end fashion. Fashion has been a massive part of Italy’s cultural life.
While France has been touted as the primary trendsetters in the world of fashion, Italy has always been in the mix with iconic brands like Armani and Gucci.
Glamour and elegance are two of the features strongly linked with high-end Italian fashion. If you are travelling to Italy, here are some of the tips you should keep in mind so that you don’t seem out of place.

Never fail to get your shoes right

Footwear is a key part of your outfit especially when it comes to Italian high-end fashion. While keeping the latest Italian fashion trends in mind, your shoes should be clean, polished, and presentable.

Base your outfit on the time and place

Italians don’t just set seasonal trends but they also assign appropriate outfits to different days. You might even require different outfits for different portions of a day. For example, you shouldn’t wear shorts when you are outdoors in the evening or when going to church.
If you are a fan of Italian fashion, you should definitely check out Glocal. We are an emerging brand that provides access to  the latest and most trendy fashion outfits and accessories. Find jewelry collection and leatherwear that are famous across the world. If you want more information on the services we provide, please contact us.

Around the globe fashion

Around the globe fashion

Why the fashion industry is so important to Italy?

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“Speak English, kiss French, drive German, and dress Italian”… most people would have heard this famous quote at some point. Since the 11th century, Italy is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, luxury designs, sharp tailoring, and the export of fashionable items making it an important part of the economy of the country.
“Made in Italy” is synonymous with exclusivity. The fashion industry in Italy knows this very well, that’s why they focus more on the quality rather than the quantity when shelling out products around the globe. The know-how and the experienced craftsmanship positions them well in the global market.
The fashion industry in Italy moves significant volumes of products around the world and represents a fair portion of high-quality production exported all over the world. The fashion brands in Italy have extended their scope in clothing to footwear, accessories, to even perfumes as they have noticed rising sales in the relevant markets.
We are Glocal, a reliable choice if you want to purchase Italian products. At our official website, you will find the latest and most trending high-end fashion outfits, customized accessories, designer jewelry, and a lot more.

Italian Leatherwear clothing




Italy is a country synonymous with high-quality fashion. Leatherwear is a choice of outfits that have been in trend for many decades. There is something serene about leather and the stylish look it gives… that is why it has always been one of the go-to outfits for several generations..

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On Display Now

Fashion Italian Leather Jacket

Popular Italian Leather Jackets Men-Buy Cheap

 Black Italian Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Black

Fashion Italian Leather Jacket for Ladies

Italy has been revolutionizing customized Italian leatherwear for both men and women. They are constantly looking to evolve and improve the style and trends of leatherwear. There are so many exceptional brands where you can select handmade Italian leatherwear that give you a stunning look for the event.
Never go with just about any leather outfit. Always choose the product that catches your attention and fits perfectly with your body type. You can get stylish outfits for nominal prices along with customizations of your wish.
What makes Italian leatherwear better than other outfits is the style quotient, the longevity, and the evergreen essence that surrounds it. You can wear leatherwear in most occasions such as casual events, birthday parties, movies, and more. You can carry it for your travel experiences and have all eyes on you.
If you are new to Italian fashion, Glocal is the one-stop shop for you where you can get the latest in trendy Italian fashion including leatherwear, accessories, customized jewelry, and a lot more. You can visit our official website for more details.

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