Running is one of the most popular exercises and fitness activities. It is also natural movement and inherent motion for humans. But modern way of life has removed running and jogging from everyday lives of menu.
Like most other forms of exercise running requires proper technique. With it come results. Better technique enables to jog for longer additionally building stamina and endurance. Proper technique demands proper posture of the body.
Not only professional athletes need professional running shoes. They give better posture of the body and better positioning of feet. They also greatly reduce risk of injury.

Some new synthetic fabrics have very good properties and are comfortable to wear, but can they suppress natural materials, cotton, linen, and wool, silk? One field where it certainly looks like synthetic fabrics have won is sport apparel and fitness fashion. 

In the past, boxing has been considered the art of duels, gentlemen’s indispensable attribute, a way of survival, defense skill and more. Later it became a very popular sport and a betting opportunity, then turned into sweet science. Nowadays it is also a prominent fitness, punching trough gender, age and cultural barriers. 

What has not changed over time, is admiration for boxing, image of determination and devotion it demands. Also unchanged are esthetic and health benefits it brings, stamina, flexibility, reflex and power.


  Boxing is also kind of a proof of character as it demands great effort and sacrifices. In fitness, it should be deemed as a long term investment of time, money and first of all sweat. Because boxing takes time to master and does not bring results as quickly as weight training or some other gym classes. However it can bring immediate satisfaction after every training session.

  Good equipment is a must for boxing, even for fitness only, as it can prevent injury and is necessary for mastering the skill and achieving results.

  Professional, amateur, fitness or hobby. Mexican or Thai.