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Which is the best time to visit Italy?

Italy is one of the dream destinations for thousands and many have chalked it down as the place-to-visit in their bucket lists. So which is the best time to visit Italy?
The best time for visiting Italy is either during the Spring (April to June) or during fall (September to October) when the weather is pleasant, the temperature is moderate, fewer tourists, and far lower prices. The months of summer can be grueling, hot, crowded and up to some extent expensive. On the other hand, the winter months in Italy can be enjoyed on Alps, in one of the many ski resorts and mountain retreats You can book at best prices here.

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Is there a ‘best time for shopping’ in Italy?

While throughout the year you can get the best the fashion world has to offer, but the time during the winter and summer sales is the best time for shopping according to the tourists.
The winter sales, in particular, bring in a lot of tourists who love to get their hands on the latest Italian high-end fashion outfits. The winter sales start around the first week of January, right after the New Year’s Day and last until the inventory is empty. Summer sales, on the other hand, begins in July and lasts until August.
During the earlier phase of the sale, the discounts are usually between 30 and 50% while towards the end, they can go as high as 70% or more.
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