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Why the fashion industry is so important to Italy?

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“Speak English, kiss French, drive German, and dress Italian”… most people would have heard this famous quote at some point. Since the 11th century, Italy is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, luxury designs, sharp tailoring, and the export of fashionable items making it an important part of the economy of the country.
“Made in Italy” is synonymous with exclusivity. The fashion industry in Italy knows this very well, that’s why they focus more on the quality rather than the quantity when shelling out products around the globe. The know-how and the experienced craftsmanship positions them well in the global market.
The fashion industry in Italy moves significant volumes of products around the world and represents a fair portion of high-quality production exported all over the world. The fashion brands in Italy have extended their scope in clothing to footwear, accessories, to even perfumes as they have noticed rising sales in the relevant markets.
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